The identity given by a name

A long long time ago, but in this our own galaxy, some newspapers chose to be absolut visual newspapers. We're not talking about nowadays, but about 1850.

With time, technology improved, and all the new tools to improve the access to visual content made this newspapers practicly disappear.

Now we have a liitle remain of all that. The double-spread graphics or the double spread-photos. A good example of that are the Wired's 'Infoporns'

These kind of things are also easy to seen on media like The Guardian, and many others. But, as my big boss say, you have to give them a name, so they can have an identity.

We, at Público, use to make some of those double spread graphics every weekeend for the Sciences section. Truth is that some weekends the topic chosen doesn't fit well for a graphic, and it takes better a big photo-combo. But it must be a visual double spread.
We also use to do double spread in other big ocassions. This kind of pages are porposed by ourselves. Several times, we do ourselves the reporting if we have the time. Many others, we are helped by some staff writer (I must say the ones form Science are my favourites, but I won't recognize these words of mine in the newsroom).
From yesterday, thos pages have a name. And a label.Radiografía Público (Publico radiography) are they called. And this one has been the first one 'labelled.

It's an analysis of the medals got by each country or continent at Beijing. We anallyse medals by continent, athletes, disciplines, geopolitical groups, GPD, population... We made ourselves the reporting. But it was all an excuse. I needed to do something with the Olympic Rings...

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