Infographics departments around the world: Big changes on El Heraldo, Barranquilla (Colombia)

This summer I had the luck of contributing on two InnovAtion projects. One of them has been the redesign of the brazilian newspaper Correio, from Salvador da Bahía, from which I'm still receiving stuff to write a post focused on infographics, although I strongly recommen you Juan Antonio Giner's posts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 y 7) in order to see the great changes on this newspaper.

Th other has been El Heraldo, from Barranquilla. The press leader on Shakira's hometown, a city where newspaper are growing and growing.

This project had a design by Javier Errea and the work of Marta Botero, Eduardo Tessler, Gabriel Sama, Pablo Errea and myself, adding of course Juan Antonio Giner and Carlos Soria. If you're interested on the design and editorial sides of the re-birth, the best is to visit Innovations in newspapers blog, which will be uploading stuff about this these days.
El Heraldo had no infographic journalists. Two designers made graphics when they were needed, They will keep helping on graphics, but, with the changes, El Heraldo hired Johan Romero Montes, who previously worked for El Tiempo (Bogotá). His arriving has been a very helpful hand to get the dramatic changes we wanted for the newspaper.
A good example of the new graphics are these from the Olympics Games, the big test for this new changes.

The guidelines for this project were those you're used to be on this blog: be clear and clean, the main thing on a graphic is the information, avoid decoration, use color as guide... With all these ideas and the people of El Heraldo (Johan, Jan, Eduard, Fabián...) they've got an Art Department which will be responsible of very nice visual surprises this year.
The first issue was released this monday, and this was the firs graphic:

Not an spectacular example, but with very good and useful information. I hope to keep showing some examples these days. Anyway, congratulions to Johan and all the team.

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