LHC, the new infographic 'body of desire'

Try to explain how works a machine that make infinitesimal small particles collide at the speed of light and with the temperature of outer space to recreate the conditions that took place in the universe just after the Big Bang. What a challenge... And so was explained by the different media:

ABC (Spain)
Carlos and Javier Aguilera

El Mercurio (Chile)
Marcelo Cáceres and Juan Pablo Bravo

Houston Chronicle (USA)
Alberto Cuadra

National Geographic (USA)
Sean McNaughton (the man in the middle of the graphic, as it was shown on a photograph by Prof. Michael Stoll on Malofiej 16)

Wire service

La Gaceta de los Negocios (Spain)

Veja (Brazil)

Of course, my newspaper, Público (Spain)
Chiqui Esteban

And online graphics...

- elmundo.es (Emilio Amade and Pablo Gutiérrez)

- NYTimes.com (Graham Roberts, David Constantine, Mika Grondähl, Erin Aigner)

As usual, this is just what I found. If someone finds anyhthing else, you know whta they say: If you got'em, send 'em!

Some there I've seen out there

Eleftheros Typos (Greece)
Kali Labrou ( and other name I couldn't read)

Diario de Pontevedra (Spain)
Xan Sabarís

La Tercera (Chile)
Jorge Cortés

El País (Spain)
Based on the one of Reuters

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