nytimes.com: the messenger and the source

This new technological era gives new tools and new sources for journalists and any other people. Google Maps is one of the best examples. But in these days of presidential debates in USA, the best tool adn source for us in Publico has been nytimes.com. As we ourselves declared as source of our graphics.

On the spanish presidential debates we made the graphics while we were watching at them.

But for the USA debates the time was not the right one. It was very late in the night (or very early in the morning) in Spain when McCain and Obama discussed about Joe the plumber. We had to made a decission: sleeping and working the day after or stay awake and watch the debate and go to do the graphics the next day as zombies.

But nytimes.com arrived to save us with its incredibles interactive features.

On them we could watch all the debate the morning after, read the transcription, look for the words that had been said by each candidate (with number of times being said by each one and with the context), see the topics and the time dedicated to each one... And with every debate easy to access.

With them we could contextualize the photos, access the 'screenplay' of the debate, make a tagcloud... And read all the transcription to count the people refered, as sometimes they were named by name, somo by charge and some by surname.

Thanks to nytimes.com cause thanks to it we could sleep these days. These were teh results:

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