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We're always talking about crisis, for money and print media. And people uses to think that print newspapers are seeing their final days. I don't think so. Newspapers have other things to offer, different from online media, TV or radio. We just ahve to re-think them and find their own place. A good example of that place is this graphic of The New York Times I've seen on Innovations in Newspapers. It explains who said no to Bush's 'rescue plan'.

All the details, all the data. For reading quietly and analysing. The reader can take his own ideas from the data. He got the news yesterday on internet, heared to experts on the radio and watched at the images on TV. Now he has the whole the data to have his own conclussions. Just the next morning, not so long form the fact.

Many would say that NYT can do this because they have a department with 30 people, with developers, databases experts and all that stuff. But you have to have the ambition, the journalistic way of thinking to offer this. And they do have it.

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