Better with infographics

Dixired, the new ship commanded by Mario Tascón (former graphics director at El Mundo and Contents Director at Prisacom), released some days ago its first web, Practicopedia. This web try to explain how to do things. An spanish How Stuff works?.

But there's ione thing I miss. Infographics. I can't find any of them. Call it a professional inclination, but I really think they're very useful to explain how things work. I must say thay give importance to visuals, as they have a chapter for videos. And they're useful. But videos don't reach everywhere. And the funny thing is that this happens on an enterprise ruled by a former infographjics journalist as Mario Tascón. Maybe it's just a matter of time.
Good luck to Practicopedia, because it's a great idea. But it needs that little plus.

How to clean your ears. An example of information that would need a graphic for a better explanation.

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