Mantras (II)

Michel Gaffré, former design director at Le Monde and now media consultant, wrote an article in 1998 on the magazine Latina about the labour of the infographic journalist (Gafré, Michel (1998): El rol de la infografía en el rediseño. Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, 6.). These are somes of the most important sentences of the article translated (at least, my favourites):

Which is the ideal profile for our visual journalist? The most important, by far, is the ability of thinking on a journalistic way.

Is essential that the newsroomcould accept the infographics journalist by what he is. He must be able to participate on the daily editorial meetings, to know the topics of the day and the topics that are being prepared for the future, accept works and propose ideas.

And one by Jeff Goertzen, at the moment graphics director at the Denver Post, quoted on the article:

The newspaper whose newsroom knows what a graphic is and could be able to think on them will publish good infographics.

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