USA elections: different ways

We've been two long years covering the USA preidential campaign. And everything ends tonight. We've got enough time to think how are we going to do for tomorrow. But here we are some glances to what have been done at the moment.

What do the electors read
Non fiction books sold by states. Separated bi their political side. Seen on Amazon. One fact: Obamas's last book sell threee times more than McCain's. At least online.

Elections map on USA from 1789
We can take a look to all the eections results from 1789 on 270 to win. It's funny to discover how the parties were ccreated, or how the states were being added to the elections.

Elections 2.0
McCain is not a great friedn of new technologies. As we can see on perspctv, the feeling is mutual.

Candidate on media
Everymomentnow showw the news about the candidates on online media. With a lot of details.

Occam's knife
Daily Telegraph shows how, when everybody is doing the same (maps), the solution to be different can be the easiest: a pie.

Via Innovations in newspapers

Newspapers endorsements
Newspapers could be in crisis, but republican endorsements on newspapers are on a very severe recession. All the details at Infochimps

Via Cool Infographics

Thanks to Álvaro for many of the links.

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