The 14 wonders of Córdoba, Argentina

Córdoba (Argentina) chose the 7 wonders of their zone made by man and the 7 made by nature. They did through a poll made by the local newspaper La Voz del Interior. Once chosen, the graphics department made a graphic explaining each one of them. One per week. Juan Colombato, form the graphics department, explain the process:

"Each graphic started on monday, with the research, a visit to the place, sketches, and the graphics were finished on fridays.

The good thing was that we could visit the place by ourselves. The bad one was that most of them, by being old and not very known, didnt have much technical or historical information available to show a informative-visual continuity (and we're also a ver small department and we had to keep doing the daily work).

With the ones made by man we tried to show the technical characteristics nad how they were built adn why it was considered a wonder.

With the natural ones, we had three lines on our research: how it was created, its geographical and natural characteristics and its biodiversity. In some of them we highlighted more the wild life and on others how was it formed.

The complexity of all was that, as all the places were close, they were very similar on wild life, so it was a challenge to show the diversity.

Visually, we decided to show the morphology tied to their characteristics for the better understanding of each one and with the others.

A very good excuse to tell local stories."

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