Heraldo de Aragon loses all its infographics journalists

Trafalgar explained by Alberto Aragón

Luis Grañena and Alberto Aragón (Mandrake) have left Heraldo de Aragón,one of the big regional spanish newspapers, to start a new adventure with their new bussiness.
Grañena and Aragón are well known by their graphics, and they won the last gold medal at the ÑH, the awrds organized by the spanish chapter of teh SND to recognize the best design works of the years in Spain and Portugal. But what made them really famous were their illustrations. Local Estudio will be more focused on this discipline, so not just Heraldo de Aragón will miss them, the world of graphics could lose these great values.

Adding to all this, the third person of the departament, Isidro Gil, is now on the design team, so the infographics department is officially over.
This is a very bad new, not just for losing them, but for the sign that the newspaper makes with Gil's changing. They have no intention of hiring people to replace Grañena and Aragón. OK, we're in crisis, but you can't go to war leavibng some of your best weapons bahind. Not a very good example.

The spanish rock band 'Héroes del Silencio' as seen by Luis Grañena

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