Three details from 2008

These are three details that called my attention this year. Of course, I'm forgetting a lot, so I encourge yu to comment, suggest some and remind me others.

Matt Haney,great ideas, great journalism

The topic can't be clsest to the reader and the explanation clearest. It's not 'exotic', not on the trend of visualizatin data, not spectacular, but the reader will appreciate them.

Maybe the style won't call your attention, maybe he's not inventing a visualization methd, but explains the information on a way very close to reader. They take the data and really explain them. Real explanations.

Houston, we've got a problem. One bar is growing and growing to the sky. Shall we cut it? No, the infrmation is precisely the terrific size of the bar.

Germany, mother of the infographics bussiness
Germany has two infographics studios at a very high level. Golden Section Graphics and Infografik KircherBurkhardt are developing really good infgraphics.

Berlin water system, by IKB

Golden Section, Jan Schowchow's bussiness, made this double spread for Pekín 2008

NYTimes.com are just better than themselves
They have nobody above them, so the only fight they have to win is against themselves, against relax. And they're winning it also. They do marvelous graphics like this one, where they encourage the reader to tell how they feel at the USA election night. And you can sort the results by the candidate they support or by time. Click here to access the online version


Maxgadney said...

Good choices - but - I think the man and woman in the Squeezeplay graphic need some hair.
If infographics artists use 3D programes, they create a vsion so real that we expect it to be totally truthful.
I know they are 'diagram people' - but is likely that they would have hair. Why not use a pencil drawing for these people to give them some life, and keep the lovely architectural 3d models?
It is a very nice graphic in it's intention though. Very human and accesible.


Yes, I konw what you mean. If you're iconic, be iconic. And in thsi caos you can't be iconic because you're showing actual sizes and gestures on a real match. As I would like to say in the article, that graphics are not spectacular or sthetically great. There are some problems, as those you say, but I liked the general idea. And as a proud bald, I can't see a probelam with people without hair!:)