Malofiej 17 introduces its speakers

Then programme for the next Malofiej Summit is already available, you can read it directly here.

The workshops will take place on March 23, 24 and 25th, and the instructors will be this serie f stars: John Grimwade (Condé Nast), Juan Velasco (National Geographic), Alberto Cairo (Chapel Hill University) and Geoff McGhee (Le Monde).

The World Summit will be in march 26 and 27th (there will be a cocktail the 25th at the evening). The speakers of this years show the new trends of infographics, with a big presence of professionals from USA and focused on online infographics:

- Antonio Alonso. A classic of the infographics department of El País (Spain)
- Luis Chumpitaz . This peruvian works as graphics editor the Arab Media Group at Dubai, and he can show us how to work in other culture, with different visual references and other alphabet.
- Amanda Cox. Databases specialist of nytimes.com
- Juantxo Cruz, Infographis director at El Mundo (Spain)
- Gabriel Dance, another rising star from nytimes.com
- Tom Kennedy. Managing Editor at washingtonpost.com
- Aaron Pilhofer, Interactive Newsroom Technologies Editor at nytimes.com
- Brian Rea, freelance illustrator and Art Director for the Opinion section at the Grey Lady, when the Op-Charts were introduced.
- Ramón Salaverría, Professor of Information Technologies of the University of Navarre
- Fabio Sales. Art Editor ar O Estado de Sao Paulo (Brazil).
- Michael Stoll. Professor at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design (Germany).
Guillermo Nagore. Creative Director at SYPartners and previously freelance art director for some clients such as The New York Times.

Hope to see you there. Deadline for incscription is March 18th.


Parka said...

Is there going to be a book?


Yes, tehre will be a new book with last years awards

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