Malofiej 17. The speakers and their conferences

The conferences of Malofiej 17 have names and are scheduled. You can take a glance to the complete program in PDF and the inscription form.

These are the conferences:


9.15 h. Guillermo Nagore (Creative Director at SYPartners)
Using information design to (really) help transform bussiness
Guillermo has been freelance Art Director for The New York Times, one company where infographics have been a differenciator factor that has helped nytimes.com to be the internet emdia reference. Now he is Creative Director at a business that wrks with clients such as Facebook, eBay, Apple, CocaCola, Nike, IBM, Disney...

10.15 h. Brian Rea (Freelance Illustrator)
Op Art: What you say + What you know x pictures
Another former Art Director of The New York Times, where he ruled the Op-Ed section. Under his 'reign' the section has called the attention of the infographics world with its 'Op-Charts'. Including one of the most discussed graphics of these lasts years

11.45 h. Aaron Pilhofer (Editor dof Interactive News Technologies at The New York Times)
Building effective interactives online
Keeping the NYT mood of the morning, justified by the supremacy of the Gray Lady on infographics lately. You can start reading his opinions here and here.

12.45 h. Tom Kennedy (Managing Editor for multimedia at Washington Post.Newsweek Interactive)
Creating a culture where multimedia can flourish
Tom Kennedy manages the are where talents as Xocas have flourished, although he arrived there pretty mature. The way the greenhouse works, on this coference.

16.15 h. Antonio Alonso (Infographics journalist at El País)
Non-programmed operations
One of the classics of the spanish infographics will explain how to deal with breaking news. Another reason to celebrate the return of El País to Malofiej.

17.15 h. Juantxo Cruz (Infographics Director at El Mundo)
The integration model at El Mundo
Some years ago, El Mundo integrated the online and print infographics sections with an only head. Thsi head is whois coming to explain how is the integration working.

18.45 h. Michael Stoll (Professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Augsburg, Department of Design)
Mothership?,Can you hear me? Some thoughts about the future of infographics
Professor Stoll is one of the most active academics on infographics. A good example: Malofiej will take place in a month a he has already released a
Flick pool of the event.


9.15 h. Luis Chumpitaz (Graphics Director at Arab Media Group, Dubai)
Middle East infographic incursion
Luis Chumpitaz is peruvian and he's succesing with his graphics department, as the SND has recognized awarding infographics works of the three Arab Media Group newspapers. How to design for a different cuture with a different alphabet will be the leit motiv of the conference.

10.15 h. Fabio Sales (Art Director at O Estado de Sao Paulo)
How to change the newsroom's visual culture
... Or any infographics journalist's dream. Brazil is one of the boiling points of infographis of the moment, so keep ears wide open to know what's on the fire.

11.45 h. Amanda Cox (nytimes.com)
Looking for patterns: Why we should throw away more data
One of the conferences of the year. Database specialist of the media who is showing everyone the best way to deal with them come to tell the best way to use data. When eveybody is talking about the exhaustivity of the information used on nytimes.com infographics, they come to tell how to edit.

12.45 h. Geoff McGhee (lemonde.fr)
Democratizing online graphics
Geoff, one of the instructors at Interact Don't Tell, migrated from nytimes.com to lemonde.fr. The contents of his area at Le Monde are closed (paid access), so this conference promise new things... Great expectations.

18.00 h. Gabriel Dance (nytimes.com)
Producing multimedia for The New York Times
To complete the three aces of the afternoon, one of the new young (but senior) values of the Grey Lady will explain his work. Good to know what's behind this team of geniuses.


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