Bullfighting infographics

I'm spanish but I am against bullfighting. Anyway, no one can deny that this is one of the big symbols of Spain abroad. And infographics use (and should) to show the culture of a country. But I won't show bullfighting graphics made in Spain, you have this blog post by Miguel Ángel Fernández for that. This is how other countries have explained it.

The Illustrated London News published these illustrations on an issue of 1843. Maybe we can't call those infographics, but it's the closests thing we could find on the newspapers of those days.

The next example come from the brazilian magazine Mundo Estranho, with the headline 'Como é uma tourada?'

Japan has always been a country that has looked to the spanish culture with curiosity. And this graphics by the japanese Tube Graphics was my inspiration to write this post.

Latin America has also bullfighting. Freddy Fiallos Calderón explained the next year the sufering of the bull on the equatorian newspaper El Telégrafo

Maybe we can't call this artwork a graphic, but the painting of the italian artist Aldo Mondino show many concepts of the tauromachy.

Mexico is also a place where bullfighting is well known. Jonathan Isaac López Villanueva send this graphic published in Excelsior.

And you know that if you have some examples, I beg you to please send them!

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