Here we are!

This last thursday was the first day of lainformacion.com, the new web that pays-my-bills... It's an online-only media and we are still in our firsts steps...

¿Qué es Lainformacion.com? from Lainformacioncom on Vimeo.

These are also my firsts steps with online graphics, in a department (New Narratives) where, at the moment, I'm by myself (this will change soon). So, I encourage you to make please the most fierce critiques to the graphics we have published by now. This is just a little part, our targets will arrive by the ned of this year. As the 'status' we have says, we're still at the 23% of our targets.

We're still too young, with many many things to improve and keep growing. We don't want a infographics department, we want a visual stories department. Without frontiers or prejudices: just trying to tell stories on the way the stories deserve to be told. Not taking them to our territory, but going us to where they need us to go.

La Gran Mancha from Lainformacioncom on Vimeo.

There's still a long way to walk...

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