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Twitter is the new fashion in online communication. The microblogging service allows a maximum of 140 characters for each message (as the SMS). Here you are a list of accounts owned by infographics journalists or people related with the infographics sphere. I just publish open profiles (not protected), because I think that they won't have a problem with it (Anyway, if someone doen't want his twitter account to appear here, just tell me and I'll erase it). You can also say yours on comments. Some of them are in spanish, and others not very active, but I'll put them here just in case... I begin with my own account...

@chiquiesteban (spanish)
New Narrativws Director at www.lainformacion.com (we'll release the site soon!) and blogger of Infographics News

Twitter of Visual Editors

@alpoma (spanish)
Alejandro Polanco. Writer, programmer and blogger of La Cartoteca, a very intersting cartography site.

Juan Antonio Giner, president and founder of InnovAtion Media Consulting, editor of Innovations in newspapers and founder of the Malofiej Awards.

@patrisign (spanish)
Patricia Vicente, freelance infographics journalist. She has just been awarded with a Malofiej mdal for this graphic of the LHC.

Michael Agar, Head of infographics at the Telegraph Media Group.

@majimeno (spanish)
Miguel Ángel Jimeno, journalism teacher at the University of Navarra and author of La Buena Prensa

@vectart (spanish)
Víctor Caballero, freelance infographics journalists.

@mtascon (spanish)
Mario Tascón, editor of www.lainformacion.com.

Juan Velasco, Art Director at National Geographic.

Andrew DeVigal, Multimedia Editor of The New York Times.

@adrianaalves (portuguese)
Adriana Alves, journalist, student and blogger of Infografia en base de dados.

Karl Gude, former graphics director of Newsweek, now teacher at the Michigan State University.

@valenntinna (spanish)
Valentina Álvarez, graphic designer licensed on Social Communication.

@nunovargas (portuguese)
Nuno Vargas. I don't know exactly his charge, but you surely know him from Malofiej.

Aron Pilhofer, Interactive Technologies Newsroom Editor of The New York Times.

Javier Zarracina, Infographics director at The Boston Globe.

Shan Carter, Interactive graphics editor at The New York Times.

@xocasgv (spanish)
Xaquín González, Interactive graphics editor at The New York Times and blogger of xocas.com.

Peter Ong, Media Consultant at Checkout Australia.

Dave Gray, funder of XPlane.

Steve Dorsey, Deputy Presentation and Innovation Editor at Detroit Free Press and secretary of the SND.

Robb Montgomery, CEO of Visual Editors.

Bonita Burton, AME of Visuals at Sun Sentinel and vicepresident at the SND.

Sean McNaughton, infographics editor at National Geographic.

Bonita Burton, blogger of Charles Apple

Charles M. Blow, columnist of The New York Times.

Sarah Slobin, former graphics editor at The New York Times and Fortune.

Tonia Cowan, graphics editor at The Globe and Mail.

Stephen Komives, design editor at Orlando Sentinel.

Stephen Komives, editor de diseño del Orlando Sentinel.

And so many that I have forgotten...

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