National Geographic draws in spanish

I wrote yesterday my first article for 233 grados,the communication blog of Diximedia, editor of lainformacion.com, where I work now. I write about the spanish spekaers of the National Geographic infographics department, that are 4 out of 6 (Juan Velasco, Alejandro Tumas, Fernando G. Baptista and Hiram Enríquez).

The article is wrote in spanish, but here you are some words translated. Anyway, you always can read the complete article

"(The infographic boom of the 90s) created (in Spain) a legion of infographics artists, some of them really good. That was unusual in other places, Spain took advantage of that situation created in the newspapers and got an accumulated empiric knowledge before than the rest of the world"
Alejandro Tumas

About the process to create a graphic for the magazine:
"We have continuous meetings all along the process, with opinions of a lot of people. At the end, we make color tests and refine the design to the most imperceptible detail".
Fernando G. Baptista


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