The most original infographics are not published in newspapers

Today, when everything is spreading all around the world through internet, when the tools are availabale for everybody and are easier to use, when citizen infographics are a fact, in these days, the most original ideas for infographics are not being published in newspapers, but in blogs, flickr or another personal pages, but with echoes all around the web that make them ananymous most of the times. Here ypu are some examples:

If extraterrestrials are watching our TV, what are they watching now?

Just making an operation with the distance of some stars and planets and the speed of electromagnetic waves, you can have this graphic.

This could be the original source

What do different positions think about different sexual behaviors?

Although you can find several mistakes (Catholic church is not neutral about homosexuality, or that is my perception), the idea is direct and easy to understand.

A possible original source, although it looks like anadaptation.

The browser wars

This one is already a classic.

I found this here

How do you want your coffee?

Another classic, already posted on this blog

This one has father, Lokesh Dhakar.

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stevesmith said...

Thanks for sharing this unique information.. Really this type of information is not found in newspaper's.