Information is beautiful

I don't know how, but I didn't know this blog, informationisbeautiful.net. But some days ago, dumaker (I don't know his/her real identity, (s)he contacted me by e-mail) sent me a link. Just some days after that, my editor (Mario Tascón, you may know him), sent me also a link from it. And other people. And I thank them. I could spent hours surfing through its posts, visually delicious. Clean graphics with very good information. Smart, simple, direct and effective graphics. Many of them have been succesful on Menéame, Digg or Twitter, what demonstarate that general public (or at least those a bit interested in technology) also like those graphics that are not spectacular, animated or with magnificent use of the tools. They also like those that can communicate with data, with information. Sometimes that information can be trivial, but it is presented and a clear way. So, this page is already on my blogroll: informationiseautiful.net.

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