Laws of simplicity, by John Maeda

I've been on online holidays. I've been reading, and as some of us can't forget our jobs, among the books have been some about infographics. 'Laws of Simplicity' by John Maeda, who teaches at MIT (and anonymous comment tell me that he is now director of RISD) and visual artist, has been the chosen. And I may say that I made the right decission.

It's the perfect book for the summer: you can read it in an afternoon at the beach or during a plane travel. And it's an useful book, for infographics and for life.

If you can, buy it, but here you are a little advance with the ten laws:

1. Reduce: thoughful reduction
2. Organize: makes a system of many appear fewer
3. Time: saving in time feel like simplicity
4. Learn: knowledge makes everything easier
5. Differences: complexity and simplicity need each other
6. Context: what lies on the periphery of simplicity is not peripheral
7. Emotion: More emotions are better than less
8. Trust: in simplicidty we trust
9. Failure: some thing can never be made simple1o. The one: subtract the obvious, add the meaningful


Anonymous said...

John is now the president of RISD :)


Thanks! I'll change it!

SRK Herry said...

your blog is nice

João said...

I created a presentation about simplicity based on this very same book.

You can find it here:

If you like it, I'd be grateful if you spread the word about it. :)