Jaume Serra: art, infographics and philosophy

The VI World Summit of Press Design of Córdoba have just finished.
One of thest conferences was teh one by Jaime Serra, the man who reinvented infographics when he ruled the infographics department of Clarin in the 90's. Philosophy, art, infographics... All together. A conference that you may have seen if you were at the last SND summit of Buenos Aires.

Sorry, but the videos are in spanish!

He shared some data of his private life and thoughts and made visualizations about it. As he describes it:
"Two useless works of information graphics -or the closest to art I’ve ever pictured in my mind:
1. Dorme bem, perdição (1999-2000)
2. Sexual life of a stable couple (1990-2009)"

Quoting would be useless, I can just tell you some of the ' visual experiments':
- Comparing searches in Google of some words
- Tracking the sexual activity of three couples during a year
- Tracking on a map each time he smoked during a trip
- Visualizing all the SMS sent by a couple meanwhile they travel separated around Europe

How he did it exactly ... I won't tell. You have some clues on the videos. Just be sure to attend to any of his conferences if you can.


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