News & Blood

Image: lainformacion.com

If you use to come to Malofiej, you may remember a couple of japanese (sorry if I'm wrong, but that is what I remember) infographic journalists showed us at the Jumping Jester pub an infographics portfolio full of blood, fire, explossions... but with a magnificent use of 3d and a spectacular presentation. 'Gore' style, similar to what Gert k. Nielsen was talking about maybe that same year.
Well. Now, that style (I think is the TV of the same newspaper we watched at Malofiej) is also having a great success in Hong Kong. Maybe you know the video about the Tiger Woods incident...

And this one is very innocent comparing to what you can see here. I don't know if this style will spread to other countries, but there the goverment is complaining about it. And this could mean more success in many places.


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Dream catcher said...

That's Taiwanese news!LOL...
And the clip you posted was made by Apple Daily.(which is originated from Hong Kong.)