Fernando Rubio

When Fernando Rubio began making infographics in Spain, I was starting school. Maradona, argentinian as him, haven't succeded at the Soccer World Cup of Mexico yet. Just with that data you can explain how important Fernando has been for spanish infographics. He was one of the ioneers, he started walking the firsts steps. He has been also a very kind person, somebody you could talk to and learn. I met him first when I was studying at the University of Navarre, as staff in Malofiej. By them Fernando had been 14 years working as chief of infographics at ABC. He was a myth. He looke dlike a hero for me. He and others like Tomás Ondarra, Mario Tascón, Rafa Höhr, Rafa Estrada, Juantxo Cruz, Pablo Ramírez, José Juan Gámez... That was many years ago. But every Malofiej, or almost all of them, from then, I could chat with Fernando at the bar of the Jumping Jester (or the 'official' pub on each Malofiej), where we really learnt.
The last time I saw him was this november in Córdoba. There I wa, with him and som of those 'heros': Tomás Ondarra, Javier Sicilia, Ulises Culebro, Jaume Serra... I didn't have much contact with them before. Some fast chats at Malofiej. Not much more. And when I went to the train station to go to Córdoba, I met Fernando there. She was with his wife, Adriana. We started talking while we were waiting. We have seats on different coaches. But he offered me a seat by his side, along with Ulises. And then I remembered the Malofiej days when I knew Mr. Fernando Rubio, the big chief of ABC. And those days he talked to me and treated me as I was a friend from all his life, not just someone you know. When I came back from Córdoba I could consider him a friend. So today, when I knew he has passed, I felt that I was losing a friend. And one of my heros in this thing called infographics.

Others remembering Fernando:

- Michael Agar (english)

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