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I could read at Charles Apple's blog that this edition of the SND awards will not make a distiction between magazines and newspapers infographics (via Alberto Cuadra's Facebook) has published on his Facebook. I can see it unfair, because the deadlines of both media are very different. But the really intersting thing about this is what people's saying in the comments of Apple's post. Here you are some examples (showing just some details of the complete comments):

Chris Courtney
"I’m on the competition committee, I won’t say that I saw much of an issue with these being on the table together this year. Mainly because so much of what makes a good graphic has very little to do with the material that the graphic is printed on. [...] I simply encourage Alberto and others who might be worried about the shiny magazines invading that SND awards excellence in news design based on solid content & design, not the paper stock it is printed on."

"Does anyone really care anymore about awards? I’m more concerned about staying employed."

"As a former judge for the information graphics category, I could tell you that paper or printing quality did not give an edge over other entries. What did give the edge was the quality of the illustration and information as well as originality.
There really is no divide between newspaper and magazines. Both mediums have its disadvantages and advantages. For example, newspaper spreads are simply more dramatic than magazines just because of its physical size. [...]
Then there is the argument about magazines receiving more time to create graphics. Well, that might be true in some cases, but newspapers also devote as much time for long-term projects. [...]"

Charles Blow
"As the former graphics director at The New York Times and the former Art Director of National Geographic magazine, I would humbly submit that I too think that the playing field is unfairly tilted. How can a small newspaper graphics department compete with a magazine that hires the best illustrators in the world and works with them for months (sometimes more than a year) to refine the images and the idea?"

Javier Zarracina
"I concur with Pai and Bill in welcoming the inclusion of magazines: The competition’s goal is to celebrate and inspire the use of visual journalism. [...]. To me, the problem lies in the flawed SND categories, that has been denounced by members and judging teams before. Malofiej includes successfully categories for magazines in its awards since the first edition. The judges in this edition will have a difficult task avoiding the unfair comparisons that Charles points out, so maybe is a good moment to re-think the graphic categories for future editions."

Mike Rice
"[...] The categories and rules in the SND competition are under constant revision. Something changes every year. Some years it’s small. Other years, like this one, the changes are a little bigger.
I would imagine that there will be revisions next year. Those revisions will be based on any challenges that the competition committee, facilitators and judges encounter while in Syracuse. If members have suggestions on how to improve the competition’s rules or categories, please contact SND and share your ideas.

Mike Rice
31st edition coordinator"

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