What are you sending to Malofiej? (III): The Daily Telegraph, United Kingdom

Ciaran Hughes, infographics journalist of Telegraph Media Group, sends his five choices of infographics made in 2009 on his newspaper that he would (or will) send to this edition of Malofiej.

All of them are works for the London based newspaper The Daily Telegraph, one of the largest and most important newspapers of United Kingdom.

The 'capo' of the infographics zone is Michael Agar, you might have heard about him in this blog. About him and his own blog iGraphics Explained.

Personally, I love the direct style of these graphics and all of the infographic works of the Telegraph. No fireworks, great use of colors, they tell exactly what they want to tell... Great. One piece of that new english-style we can also see at The Guardian or The Independent (and its Sunday edition IoS).

Good luck for Ciaran, Michael and all the team of the Telegraph!

P.D. Ciaran uses to delight his Facebook contacts with a new musical video each day. I finsh this post with one of them, from one of my favourites bands...

And tomorrow... Peru Economico


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