What are you sending to Malofiej?

These days is usual to see the infographics departments cutting papers, pasting pages or looking into the graphics archive. They are preparing the entries for Malofiej, the infographics contest. But many departments decide not to participate. Some great graphics won't get wards and we won't know about them.

So, I encourage you to send what you are sending (or you would send if you would participate) to Malofiej. (You can send them to my email address, chiquiesteban@gmail.com)

Why? I think it's a good way to share what we're doing with no need to wait for the awards or the book, to discuss which are the big favourites of this year, or just for watch what's being done around the world nowadays.

There will be no awards. This is no contest. It's just sharing. I will publish in this blog anything you will send me.

Participate and please spread teh word among other infographics journalists you know!

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Anonymous said...

I was looking to see the results of the contest, where can I find them??

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