What would you send to Malofiej? (VIII): El Universal (Venezuela)

Mnay of you know Nicolás Ramallo for his work at El Universal (Caracas, Venezuela) and for his blog, Haga clic para continuar. He has sent a great selection of graphics they are sending this your to Malofiej.

El Universal uses to win some awards every year, almost in the last ones. And they deserve it, as you could see.

They are sending this year 20 features, 1 promotional and 3 one-column infographics to Malofiej. And also a portfolio with some works they did for an special issue fro their 100 anniversary. Those graphics will also be separtae entries on their own categories.

There's not much more to say. Show, don't tell...

This one was published on yje frontpage the day of the elections in Venezuela...

And these two were published in vertical...

An tomorrow, El Mundo (Spain, Valencia edition)



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