What are you sending to Malofiej? (XIV): The Independent on Sunday (UK)

Cath Levett is graphics editor at The Independent on Sunday, and she send us the best of this last year of her newspaper. The IoS is the sunday edition of The Independent, but they work as a completely different newspaper, something usual in UK, but absolutely unusual here in Spain..

In my first days working in newspapers (not very long ago), when you talked about The Independent in Spain everybody commented that they dare to publish double-spread photos.Something that other english newspaper as The Guardian do too.

Talking about infographics, it looks like the philosophy is just the same: they have and use an absolute freedom of space, they want things to look great, not making tiny graphics just because the writer wants more text to explain things twice (just a little complaint about writers, sorry, Malofiej is coming and I feel like I have to do some Jumping Jester comments). No problems with black backgrounds or strong colors.

And many photographs in the infographics, but with that english smartness.

And tomorrow: Diario Quequi Quintana Roo (México)


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