What are you sending to Malofiej? (XXI) Marca (Spain)

Germán Pizarro, infographics director at Marca, sends some of the infographics they are sending to this Malofiej.
Marca is the top selling newspaper in Spain. Marca.com is the most visited information website. And both talk just about sports. Mainly about football (soccer). And, I would say, mainly about Real Madrid.

Yes, football takes most of its pages, more than a 95% of its frontpages. But their graphics don't keep the same proportion: basketball, tennis or F1 are usual subjects.

Also, the infographics team of Marca has just released a blog, MarcaInfografia. It worths to take a look how they work.

Marca is an usual winner at Malofiej. Since its firsts editions. And many famous visitors of Pamplona have worked or works there: Pablo M. Ramírez, José Juan and Carlos Gámez, Julián de Velasco, Carlos Caneiro, Manolo Romero, Germán Pizarro... and all those I forget, because I just forget them or because I think they worked for Recoletos (the company that formerly owned Marca) and I'm wrong.

These were the print entries, but Marca.com also participates. And they are used to take some golds home the lasts years, so here you are some serious candidates for them:

And tomorrow, an example from Al Bayan (Dubai)