Three infographics and 200 years of argentinian history

This post is written by Juan Colombato, infographics editor at the argentinian newspaper La Voz del Interior.

Telling the story of a life, the changes, and the evolution of a country since the May 25th 1810 revolution in three dates: 1810, 1910 and 2010.

Graphics were planified in these three eras to show the comparison of the different parameters of the everyday life and statistical data: homes, fashions, transport, work and industry; all mixed with maps, composition of the national boundaries and the city of Córdoba, the external trade with imports and exports, the internal trade with routes and regional production; and the social and ethnical composition of the population with the main points of entrance of the country.

It was very hard to find the same parameters for such different times, and also classifying data with different markets, kinds of production and currencies. And taking all this data and dealing with the information.

Another intersting thing is that, oppositte as the usual way of woking in this newspaper, one of the supplements of the Bicentennary was plannified from the infographics point of view. ISx out of eight pages will have graphics (all except for front and last page). But, once we thinked about the historical and political meaning of the facts, we decided to incorporate a text to each date. These articles were written by three important wirters at local and national level.


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