Murdoch's strategy for making people pay for The Times online: Infographics

The webs of The Times have already lifted the paywall. But if you want people to pay you got to give them something attractive, diffferent. Unique. And The Times thinks that infographics can be that added value.

They have hired one of the spanish stars of online infographics recently, Rafa Höhr. Former graphics editor of Prisacom (ELPAIS.com, As.com...) and who was working in the online media of Grupo Joly (a regional spanish media group).

Now they're also publishing interactive infographics for its iPad edition, as I could discover thanks to Esther Vargas.

The Times iPad infographic - “Health Profile of England” from Applied Works on Vimeo.

Infographics people are telling that time ago. We are not just cared about our jobs. Infographics can be the added value. The difference among the flood of webs. Murdoch thinks infographics are a good reason to make people pay. He can success or fail. But he's not just another person telling the same old story.



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