Antidecalogue for infographics departments

I've read today at the great blog Lola como mola by Silvia Cobo an antidecalogue for digital media (in spanish) written by David Domingo. I'm not reproducing it here visit her blog with Google Translate and pay her a visit. But I noticed that it's not very far from what could be an antidecalogue for infographics departments. I mean, ten things media should do if they want to destroy their own graphics departments:

1. Place someone with no journalistic ambition directing the department. He or she just need to know how to draw or how to design. They're not doing journalism, just making the news prettier.

2. Any writer or department chief decides about the infographics. Articles and what goes inside them belongs to the writers. If they don't like the colors, or using a pie instead bars, they decide.

3. If  the people of the infographics department want to go out for the coberture of any event, don't allow them. That's journalists matter, what infographics got to do with it? They just have to draw what they're told.

4. Writers and infographics people don't have to talk each other. Writers take a sheet with the data to infographics, infographics do the drawing, and that's all, that's how things work. Infographics dudes don't have to understand the data. Copy the numbers, draw the bars, ctrl+p and the work's done.

5. Some news need a graphic, no matter if we have enough information. Maybe we don't know how the accident happened, but accidents informations go with infographics, so just guess what happened and don't forget to draw some flames, readers love them.

6. If another newspaper publish a good graphic, plagiarism is the best solution. Don't waste your time looking thinking on what's interesting for your own readers, don't look for the sources, don't look for better ways to tell the story. If a bigger newspaper did it that way, it has to be better than anything you could think.

7. Don't try to look for new narratives. Readers are not very smart people, they don't understand anything beyond bars and pies. And we don't have time to waste playing games...

8. An infographic that takes more than one day to be done doesn't worth it

9. The writer of the article that goes with the infographic don't have to read the graphic. Writers don't have time to read the data that goes in the graphic to check that article and graphic are saying the same. They're with the text, the important thing, not to go looking to drawings.

10. Never look what others are doing. Don't read other newspapers, don't look what are others doing. That's contamination, pollution, and you could loose your own very personal style.

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