i for infographic?

The Independent is launching a new quality newspaper, called 'i'.
Some of the mottos they are using to introduce the product, and, of course its name, reminds me the portuguese journal 'i'.

I don't know how Independent's i is going to be. But if, as they say, they want tio do a newspaper that:
- Gets to the point
- Dosn't do information overload
- Is all you need in the time you have

Then I just can think on infographics.

I don't know if that's the path they're going to follow. Honestly, I don't think so. Infographics are not cheap. And newspapers, and The Independet in particular, doesn't want to spend much money now.
But, the portuguese i, if that's the model, show daily amazing graphics done by a small but great team.
And infographics get to the point better than texts, don't overload and explain more in less time. And I (still) have great hopes on The Independent.
We'll see next week.

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