Barcelona-Real Madrid: stats for the day before

Tomorrow monday is one of the most importants day for spanish sports-fans: the two main soccer-football teams Barcelona and Real Madrid have one of their two annual confrontations. Some years ago, this was the big chance for infographics depatments to publish a big infographics with the line-ups, big photos or illustrations with the starts, some details of the tactics... Nowadays, data is the big deal here. We have so much information that we try to find the hidden keys, numeric details that can decide the match o rjust little curiosities for the supporters.
This year there's also a big difference: this match is always played on saturday or sunday, but this year will be on monday, so we have all the weekend to fill up the sport pages with information about something that has not happened yet. So stats are something great to offer in pills during the weekend.

Som examples. It may not be very polite, but I'll start with what I've done for lainformacion.com:

- An infographic with stats for all the players of both teams, where the reader can choose which kind of data can be visualized.
- Some posts on the data & visualization blog A Base de Datos:
         - Cristiano Ronaldo is the half of Messi
         - Cristiano is the one who suffer more fouls, Xavi is the one who deserves them the less
         - Real Madrid steals more balls, Barcelona looses less

Público. One of the newspapers where infographics seize all the possibilities of data. A pair of example by Artur Galocha:

The two cents of the main spanish sports newspapers, Marca:

The first one, this comparison between the two biggests stars: Messi and Ronaldo.
The second one, a comparison of all the players of the match, and them with the rest of the league:

Sport, the sports catalan newspapers, also publish the match by the numbers, but rather tables than infographic:
The other catalan sports newspaper, El Mundo Deportivo, publish this piece:

And just one more detail: a design detail on the web of the generalist Barcelona newspaper El Periódico:

These are just some examples, if you know any other, just send it to me and I'll publish it.

One more example, an infographic by Jorge Galofre for El Universal (Venezuela).  Thanks to Nicolás for sending it.

And another one: Konstantinos Antonopoulos for the greek sports newspaper Exedra

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