Best graphics of 2010, according to Pablo E. Paredes

Pablo will introduce himself:

Mi name is Pablo and I collaborate with Diario INFORMACIÓN (Alicante, Spain) making football analysis articles. For that I use infographics sometimes. I have a degree in Journalism and this year I made a postgrade in Informative Graphics at the UAB (Barcelona).

Now, and being happy to see writers using infographics for improving communication, we can go directly to his three picks as the three best of the year:

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Messi (Marca)
A comparison between the two stars of the spanish clasico, publiched in the print edition of the spanish sports newspaper Marca.

Apotheosis waka-waka (La Vanguardia)
The second is a graphic of La Vanguardia about a Shakira concert in Barcelona (previously discussed on this blog). It's nice to see how La Vanguardia is really trying (and achieving) to be different in teh spanish infographic landmark.

Dicionário do Surf (i)
The third pick as another show of imagination, creativity, style and good taste of the portuguese newspaper  i.

And now, his three favourites own works of 2010...

A hurricane arrives (Real Madrid)

Towers as lighthouses (Deportivo)
Thanks Pablo for giving me the opportunity to post something about this great team called Deportivo on this blog... :)

Magical hexagon (Real Sociedad)

And this monday... Max Gadney (BBC)

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