3D in the age of 2D


Veteran infographic journalist will tell you how documentation was when there was no internet in newsrooms. I consider myself young, but in my first years we also had a computer in the department, the one with internet, but most of the documentation came from maps, books and other stuff whe had there.
But there were more differences. Today, the big graphics with cuts for watching inside are done with 3D software. The they were done just with Illustrator or drawn by hand. Today many people still use Illustrator, and people that used to draw by hand are still doing so.
You can understand why seeing this example by Juan Colombato, head of infographics at the argentinian newspaper La Voz del Interior.
A 45º axonometric view, done 10 years ago. Take a look and remember 'the good old days'

But there's more. We're talking about someone who draws at the higher level. Watch his works, which I discovered ath Nicolás Ramallo's blog.


rowilson said...

Prefiero a 30° grados, 45 es muy fácil y no se ve bien
I prefer 30 ° degrees, 45 is very easy and does not look good

JoshDComp [Screaming Buffalo] said...

You, sir, need to proof read