The 'mistake' and the rectification


The image you can see above is a screen capture from as.com. They're apologising for a 'mistake' . They erased an Athletic Club defender on an infographic showing Alves in 'offside' in a play that finished with a goal. One more data: the newspaper As uses to support Real Madrid against Barcelona, so this mistake goes with their interests.

Those of you who have done these kid of infographics know that these mistakes are not usual, so clean, without traces of the brush. If there's a mistake, they've been very lucky...

Many of you working with sports graphics may have been in a situation with a writer asking to 'erase a player', draw a line that is not preceissely wit the correct perspective, or moving some things.  And these ideas barely never come from the infographics department. So, what they call a ' mistake in the graphic' could be a very different situation. I don't know how things happened exactly in this particular case. And I don't wanna to put the blame exclusively on the writer and plead 'non guilty' for the infographics department.

At least, in this case they rectificate. Via Ramón Salaverría I remember another similar thing in As too.

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