Visual.ly finally released


There was something that many of us were expecting from a long time, the final release of Visual.ly, a web which tries to be the big showcase of infographics and visualizations.  And it has been finally inaugurated.
Anyway, many of us (me included), feared that it can become a bunch of infoposters or tower-graphics.

At first sight,  I see just a few things that I really like, with many decorated texts on an hypervertical format.

So my fear is still there, and even growing: the firsts days of the webs they try to show their foreworks, and these fireworks are not precissely what I wanted to see.

Althiugh really big and good companies are uploading great stuff there, the rest of the graphics provided are not the same level and the quality standards are still too low.

Another problem (finding problems is easier than finding good things): only images can be uploaded, but not interactive infographics, a big disadvantage when we're talking of a web.

Now, we have to wait and see if visual.ly becomes the Flickr of infographics or the wall of a kindergarten.


David said...
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David said...

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