2012: the year of Malofiej 20


The Malofiej Awards, the most important awards-summit-workshops-party of infographics in this world, is becoming 20 in 2012. As John Grimwade says and malofiej20.com remebers "You must attend Malofiej at least once in your life". And this is the right time, as the infographics Mecca is preparing a great program of high-class events to commemorate its anniversary.

Three days including welcome (as usual), March 21-22-23, with some speakers that will blow your mind and you surely know: Nigel Holmes, Bryan Christie, Sergio Peçanha (NYT), Andy Kirk, Virginia Mason (National Geographic), Gonzalo Peltzer...  and much more.

We have the usual Malofiej awards, already the most imporant on Earth, but this year we add two: most influential infographics artist rather than the best) and best infgraphic of these last 20 years. You've got to february 1st to vote... so, as the motto of this edition says, don't rest on your laurels.

Show Don't Tell!
Who can improve a workshop with Juan Velasco, John Grimwade, Alberto Cairo and Geoff McGhee as intructors?. They've being doing this together since 2004 and they keep doing it this year.

New thing to help paying all the said before... For 100, 60 or 30 € you can become a MaloFriend (gold, silver or bronze), and also an anonymous donation can be done. With different advantages and a big one: helping the biggest event of infographics. The first consecuence: with the donations of the first 39 malofriends the SND-E is releasing an app about Malofiej.

See you there!

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