Another end year recopilation

We're reaching end year, and with it lots of recopilations on all tv channels. I won't avoid that, and I'll show you my favourite graphics of this yar (since this blog is working, september 2006). It's not a complete recopilation, because I just can take alook to graphics published on NPD or other forums like NAO or VizEds. They're not the bests. They're some that, for some reason, element or concept look something original, useful or outstandin for me. Ther isn't such thing as a preference order, just alphabetical. Show your favourites if you like too!!
El Hombre de Neandertal, Fernando G. Baptista
A recopilation of graphics is not a good recopilation without something from Fernando. What I liked the most was the figure. His hand-drawing are outstandings and well known. But the figure goes beyond. It's not the first time El Correo 'builds' a creature. They made it with a giant squid. It's incredible that a graphics department like this one, with 3-4 people and with relevant 'casualties' like Javier Zarracina could stand with such high level, such in quantity as quality and, also, with challenges like this one (if there's something like a challenge for them). They're the best, and they keep getting better.

El Hindenburg, Marcelo Cáceres
Clear and clean. Goes to the important thing, no superfluous data. You can understand all at the first sight. Good color use. Simple, but great

North Korea lights, John Duchneskie
It's not a graphic, on the literal meaning of the word, is just a satellite image, but it informs as if it was a graphic. The information goes directly to the eye: North Korea poverty is clear, but they can afford nuclear weapons. John Duchneskie tells that he was asked just for a locator for an article about poverty in North Korea. He went further and publishe this. Is an example that we have to go further, we're journalists too.

Hormigas en la informática, José Manuel Ferrer
The topic is very interesting itself, and the graphic make this interest affordable. It takes complex information and gets a visual, attractive, divulgative and understandable graphic.

Builders draw up new budget, Phil Geib
This graphic was one of the first I talked about in this blog. Original, an attractive way to make a bar graphic.

Buillding a work of art, Jonathan Moreno
It's not very original, but I can't feel other thing but a big empathy with Jonathan looking to the blueprints of the building. I can understand them thanks to him. And thst's our job!

El enemigo más duro de regatear, Fernando Róbato
Other graphic shown here. Fernando Róbato's style is well known, but knowing the source of it made me to like this one more and more. He could just publish the wire graphic touching it a little, but he went further and made this great graphic, so important in a sport newspapers as his. He make tendinitis injuries understandable and close to his target

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