Easy to go, hard to stay

The fashion now is the infographics brain drain. And it's not surprising, not just for the quality od our infographics artists, but for the universality of the american offer. There are several webs to find offers for working there (althought they're not specially for people from abroad).
As an example, a web which publish continuous requierements is SND web. These are offeres for all around the worls, but the truth is that more than 90% are for USA.
Other web with this kind of information is fNews Artists Organization forum. You must be registered (it really worths), but once don you can access to the threads Who's hiring and Who's looking, and you can use a fake name to look for a job without giving your real name to the general public and avoid problems in your paper.
If you want to work in Europe, you can look for jobs in UK at journalism.co.uk.
But please, prudence, or in two years time we won't have infographics artists in Spain...
But, the truth is that, if any of us is looking for a job it easier to find it in USA than in Europe. It's a pity that we don't have in Spain employment systems like those, for example, at the SND-E website. OK, Spain has not the same employment movement than the whole USA, and that way of hiring here is different. But we must do something. We're always complaining about how hard is to fnd infographics artists. There are just a few. But we would have to look for them.

Other web pages offering visual journalism jobs

* Visual Editors, with a forum called EMPLOYMENT.
* Employment sectiuon at the Poynter Institue

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