Same question, different answers

This is yesterday cover from The Globe and Mail, Toronto. And this is the graphic offered in its web. I agree with Juan Antonio Giner's appreciation. great cover, poor grahic. But it's not just that in what I agree with him. In his blog Innovation Giner insisted several time about the idea that web is the future of journalism, as Los Angeles Times think now . It should be that way, is the showcase of the newspaper, reaches the reader before the paper. Much bosses think web lifts paper readers. Maybe, but having a better web won't lift more readers. They're different targets, differents ways of consuming information. Portion of the pie you won't eat will be eat for another, and this another is not going to be the print edition. It's the same in graphics. In this cover, a double spread graphic about global warming in Canada is announced. But online graphics just show (poorly) how global warming works: Are web visitors more interested in that than in global warming effect in Canada?. I don't think so. Same company, two differents answers. Does it make sense?
Obviously, via Innovations in Newspapers

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