Different ways to understand infographics

Explain what infographics are to people without realtionships wiyh journalism is a hard task. My grandmather, in fact, still think I'm the cartoonist. A high percentage of Journalisms Faculties students themselves don't know what infographics are. Ourselves, graphics artists, don't agree on the definition of our job.
But some peole try to explain it. This first example is form Nigel Homes' book On information Design adn now rescued by Nicolás Ramallo at his blog Haga clic para continuar. It expalisn way you need to be a graphic communicator, which it's not the same as explaining the job, but clarifies it a lot.

The second example is... funnier. Chris Morris, Art Director from Las Vegas Sun, found this graphic and uploaded it at NAO. A dog, with a mouse in one hand and a pencil in the other, draws bananas and apple to illustrate an information about savings... Confusing and "bizarre"

And this third example appeared before on this blog. It was made by 5W infographics, Juan Velascos's project, for Aula, a sopublication of El Mundo.

Anyway, being this one such particular profession, each newspaper has a very different way to manage with infographics.

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