My fault: Brazil exists, and wins awards

I told some days ago that I was surprised about the lack of SND infographics awards to brazilian media. Their infographics artists are soeme of the best, and they didn´t got any awards. But I was wrong. As Marcelo Pliger, from graphics despartment at Folha de Sao Paulo, tells me, " brazilian journals don't use sending entries for graphics. Almost ever, they are sent on pages categories".
Folha de Sao Paulo received 9 Awards of excellence this year, six of them with infographics starring the page.
The truth is that now I understand his politic. Their graphics are prefectly emsembled on the page, they're a whole with the design. It's not a square box with a grahic inside, nor a "L" disposition. Is much more. Is a good example: we don't have an information with a graphic. We have a new, or a feature. graphic is a part of it.

Here you are the awards...

- Marcelo Pliger's personal blog (graphics included)

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