SND Awards, Infographics categories

Sorry, I'm late, but I'm having a little holidays... But here you are a resume about infographics awards of the SND. The big guys this year have been El Mundo, NY Times, El Correo and The Guardian

Single entries
1. El Mundo. 1 gold and 4 AOE
2. The New York Times. 3 silvers and 18 AOE
3. The Guardian. 2 silvers and 2 AOE
4. Washington Post. 1 silver and 4 AOE
5. Svenska Dagbladet. 1 silver
6. El Correo. 9 AOE
7. Clarín. 6 AOE
8. South Florida Sun Sentinel. 5 AOE
9. Times Picayune. 4 AOE
... Presente. 4 AOE
... Press Democrat. 4 AOE
12. Prensa Gráfica. 3 AOE
... The Oregonian. 3 AOE
... Diario de Sevilla. 3 AOE
... LA Times. 3 AOE
... Globe & Mail. 3 AOE
16. Frankfurter Allgemeine. 2 AOE
... The Dallas Morning News. 2 AOE
... Houston Chronicle. 2 AOE
... El Economista. 2 AOE
... The Observer. 2 AOE
And with 1 Award of Excellence was Washington Post, Atlanta Journal & Constitutional, Bangor Daily News, The Boston Globe, The Charlotte Observer, COlumbus Dispatch, Diario Médico, Fort Worth Star Telegram, San Diego Union Tribune, Staten Island Advance, The Orange County Register and Tribune.

1. El Correo. 1 silver and 2 AOE
2. The Guardian. 1 silver
3. The New York Times. 10 AOE
4. LA Times. 5 AOE
5. The Oregonian. 4AOE
6. Clarín. 3 AOE
... El Mundo. 3 AOE
8. San José Mercury News. 2 AOE
... Panamá América. 2 AOE
And with 1 Award of Excellence, El Comercio (Asturias), The Boston Globe, Denver Post, Fort Myers New Press, Houston Chronicle, Indianapolis Star, Presente, South Florida South Sentinel and Tabasco Hoy

The infographics artists awarded at the individual portfolio category (included above)were Susana García from El Comercio, Fernando G Baptista from El Correo, Raoul Rañoa from LA Times, Mariano Zafra and Rafa Estrada from El Mundo, Hannah Fairfield, Joe Ward, Graham Roberts, Archie Tse and Frank O'Connell from The New York Times, Steve Cowden from The Oregonian, Belinda Long from South Florida South Sentinel and Gonzálo Hernández from Tabasco Hoy

if you prefer to do any research, you can do it at SND

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