Spain and USA, top at infographics

If we make a classification by countries with SND awards at infographics categories, we could see two countries above the rest, Spain and USA. They're the classics. Although this has been always a trio, including Argentina, but economic crisis affected to infographics too, with a huge infographics artists emigration.
Britain gives quality, but not much quantity, and this mmust talk good about how things are done there.
Latin America shines with the awards got by Prensa Gráfica (El Salvador) and Presente (Mexico).
And we miss Brazil, which only can say they got two indirects awards, those got by Dallas Morning News, where Sergio Peçanha commands the infographics department.

1. Spain. 1 gold, 1 silver and 25 AOE
2. USA. 4 silvers and 83 AOE
3. UK. 3 silvers and 4 AOE
4. Argentina. 9 AOE
6. Mexico. 6 AOE
7. El Salvador. 4 AOE
8.Canada. 3 AOE
9. Germany. 2 AOE
... Panamá. 2 AOE
11. Sweden. 1 AOE

1. Europe. 1 gold, 4 silvers, 32 AOE
2. North America. 4 silvers and 86 AOE
3. Center America*. 12 AOE
4. South America. 6 AOE

* Mexico included in Center America

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