Winners of the NAO Quarterlies Q1 2007

Last friday Layne Smith announced the winners of the first edition of NAO Quarterlies, the free and trimestral competition,, with winners selected by popular voting.
The resulst had The South Florida Sun Sentinel as the most awarded newspaper, with three awards, including best graphic of the show. Alberto Cuadra, from Houston Chronicle was the only artist with more than one prize. Nélson Fernández, from Panamá América was the ony infographics artist from a not-USA paper awarded.

You can take a look here to the gallery of awarded graphics

Los elegidos de este trimestre han sido:

- Best graphic: Superbowl XLI (Hiriam Henríquez, South Florida Sun Sentinel)
- Honorable mention: Jamestown (Phil Loubere, The Orange County Register)
- Best mapa: Journey from Africa (Belinda Long, South Florida Sun Sentinel)
- Best big graphic:Inside the bayport complex (Alberto Cuadra, Houston Chronicle)
- Best small graphic (less than half page): Inside Mayor Fenty's Bullpen (Todd Lindeman and April Umminger, Washington Post)
- Best chart: Congress changes Hands (Laura Stanton and Karen Yourish, Washington Post)
- Best 1 column graphic:Flamingo Dance (Troy Oxford, The Dallas Morning News)
- Best use of wire graphic: Las distintas partes del Skate (Nélson Fernández, Panamá América)
- Best multimedia graphic:A census of life (Cindy Jones-Hulfachor, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
- Best interactive graphic:Road referendum (Jason Lebke, Margo Pearson and Chris Soprych, Rockford Register Star
- Best on-line graphic:Teasers and justice (Alberto Cuadra and Rodrigo del Castillo, chron.com
- Best illustration:iPod (Josh Rutnick, Contra Costa Times)

Congratulations to all the wnners and thanks to Layne Smith, NAO creator, for all his labour at this organization.
Next step NAO should take: getting popularized beyond USA.

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