Confirmed lecturers for Estepona 07

We have some more new lecturers names for the World Press Design Summit of Estepona. The list published on this blog days ago have new particants, as Paco Oca said on his blog Maquetadores.es. Names of great professional of high level, as Jordi Catalá, graphics editor of El Periódico de Catalunya, one of the most "risky" newspapers in Spain at the moment; Chico Amaral, from teh Barcelona office of Cases i Associats; Michel Gaffre of News Media; Lucie Lacava, who redesigned papers as La Presse, Toronto Star, Chicago Tribune or the last change of El País; and Mario tascón, General Director of Contents of PRISA digital mediaand one of the pioneers of infographics in Spain from El Mundo.
We have to add to these names Manuela Mariño, infographics artists of La Voz de Galicia and an habitual of the Malofiej list of awarded thanks to her originalty and her clean style
With all that, this is the list at the moment:

- Rodrigo Fino, of García Media, Argentina
- Juan Durán, of Diario de Hoy, El Salvador
- Claudio Rodríguez, de la UNAM de México
- Orlando Romero, of Gramma Internacional, Cuba
- Miguel Ángel Gómez, of Gulf News, Dubai
- Miguel J. Buckenmeyer, one of the fathers of the awarded El Economista
- Marco Gatica, of El Mercurio, Chile
- Jaume Serra, of OUSinfografia.com
- Norberto Baruch, El Norbi, of VisualMente
- Javier Sicilia, freelance
- Chico Amaral, of Cases i Associats
- Michel Gaffre, of News Media, France
- Mario Tascón, of Prisacom
- Jordi Catalá, of El Periodico de Catalunya
- Lucie Lacava, of Lacava Design
- Manuela Mariño, of La Voz de Galicia
- Chiqui Esteban, myself

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