Graphics & the City

Now all we talk so much about citizen journalism, a big discussion about the Undergound map of Madrid shows that the wold of infographics goes further than professionales, including the developing area.
The discussion runs around the new design of the Underground Map. This first map is the classic one, used since a lot of years (although there have been some updates with the new stations).
Clicking on the maps you can get the PDF

There have never been complaints about this map. But, anyway, the regional government decided to change it. Estudio Raro was in charge of this change.

The main innovation is that now there are no lines in 45 degrees angles, all are 90 degrees. There have been thousands of complaints about this new map, most of them becasue they don't understand why to change something that works.

But those who have gone further have been the association Amigos del Metro Andén 1, who, now the government has decided to change, they have made their own map, including other public transports.

An example on how people goes beyond governments. Including on infographics.

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