Público, day 1

Público is finally in the newstands. LOst of hours working on this project are now at the readers judgement, and they are, at the end, who pay our bills. Here you are some of the graphics of the first number, waiting for your critiques. Now start the hard part, that on which we don't have a month to develop an issue, but a day.
At the moment , the graphics on Público.es ain't nothing but JPGs, but I can assure you that online and multimedia graphics will be available as soon as possible, when we'll have time to seat around a table and develop a good way to make them. Now, in the rush of the first issue we prefered to wait and develop something better than be on the web from the first day.

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Sergio Sánchez said...

The "incoming/expenses" graph is beautiful, elegant, didactic and clear. We were commenting it in the office last Tuesday.